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Affordable one-on-one executive coaching designed to help high achievers reach their goals faster so that they can make an even greater impact on their organizations 

Faster Results

More Influence

More Recognition

If you’re a high achiever, a results-focused doer or a driven leader in your organization looking to reach your goals faster while making a meaningful impact along the way, then you already know the importance of personal and professional development. 

You probably read (or listen to) a variety of leadership and business books. You might also listen to podcasts or watch webinars and take online courses to enhance your skills. Perhaps you’ve even attended a leadership development event in person (pre-pandemic, of course).  


So, we’ll spare you the spiel. 


No need to be a broken record and convince you of something you already know. After all, you probably already KNOW that being a great leader doesn’t just happen by accident. You recognize the importance of being intentional about investing in yourself and building your leadership skills.  

Here's What You Might Not Know

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to have your organization pay for you to take courses or attend leadership development events, executive coaching can be a more effective and efficient way to grow as a leader.

Having the consistent support and guidance of a skilled one-on-one executive coach can:

Benefit #1


It’s hard to spot the things that might be holding you back without some kind of outside help. After all, they’re called blind spots for a reason! A skilled executive coach can help you uncover these potential career landmines. Once you become aware of your blind spots, you can start working immediately on the actual things that will move the needle the most. 


Benefit #2


Sometimes we get caught up in checking things off the list. Read that book? Check. Attend that event? Check. Learn more about that skill? Check. Yet, even though we have the best of intentions, we often fail to actually put much of what we learn into practice. A skilled executive coach can first help you identify what’s most important and then provide ongoing accountability to help you apply it in your daily work.


Benefit #3


Not knowing exactly how to approach a particular work challenge or situation can leave you feeling vulnerable. It can be tough to know who to trust in your organization when you want to talk it through. After all, you don’t want word to get out that you’re having a moment of (perceived) weakness. Working with an executive coach provides a safe oasis to divulge the details. You can bounce around ideas and discuss a variety of possible solutions in a safe place with a trusted partner, confident that the discussion will remain just between the two of you.


Benefit #4


Working with an executive coach who is not an employee of your organization can offer a level of objectivity that is nearly impossible to find internally. The coach doesn’t have a vested interest in your decisions, so he or she can offer more objective feedback and perspective. 


Benefit #5


You know how good it feels to dive deep into a challenge you’re facing at work with a trusted colleague or friend…but then you feel obligated to return the favor? With executive coaching, you don’t have to worry about that. The coach is there for the sole purpose of talking about what’s most important to YOU. Without the implied need for reciprocity. You can indulge…guilt-free! Hallelujah. 



If you're intrigued by the idea of working with an executive coach, but don’t think your organization could ever afford it...hang with us for a bit longer.


We might have just what you’re looking for!


The data-driven, three-month executive coaching program designed to help you reach your goals faster so that you can make an even greater impact on your organization


Untapped is an exciting new executive coaching program that:

Helps you achieve measurable results

We’ll first help you uncover any blind spots that might be holding you back. We then support you in using this insight to your advantage. We’ve uncovered a way to actually measure ROI from coaching and you’ll be among the first to experience it.

Uses a data-driven coaching methodology

We start each coaching engagement with two key Everything DiSC® Assessments. Data from these assessments point to areas to work on. The result? Our clients KNOW they’re working on the RIGHT things. 

Includes built-in transparency & accountability

Many consider personal & professional development to be a solo journey. We’ve found that a critical key to success is to actively engage others in the process. This coaching program is designed to do just that.

Features a proprietary coaching framework

Our unique coaching framework – called the Cause & Effect Model – offers clients a fresh perspective for interpreting challenging situations at work. The result? Enhanced self-awareness and increased emotional intelligence. #winning

Built on a mobile-friendly technology platform

Many of today’s executive coaches still operate in an old-school, pencil-to-paper sort of way. While that may work for some, Untapped is built on a unique technology platform for today’s tech-savvy leader.

One-on-one support from a skilled business coach with a BIG heart

Jonny is a high-energy coach. His enthusiasm and positivity can be felt, even during virtual coaching sessions. But don't let his friendly demeanor fool you. He is not afraid to ask tough questions and hold you accountable to what you say is important.



Phase 1: Assess

Phase 2: Reflect

Phase 3: Create Your Action Plan

Phase 4: Calibrate

Phase 5: Coach --> Learn --> Measure

Jonny, thank you so much for being YOU!  I am so grateful for the depth to which you listen and truly understand me and accept me as I am while gently offering new perspectives.  I am in awe of your wisdom and passion for sharing with me new ideas and thoughts in just the way I need to hear it so that I understand it.  My life has been so wonderfully impacted by you. I truly look forward to our next coaching session!

Tracy K.

Vice President

30 Days

Money Back "Not for Me" Guarantee


Let me say this upfront. 


Our goal is for Untapped to be the most comprehensive executive coaching program for high achievers who are committed to taking action to increase self-awareness, create behavior change and begin to transform their personal brands. 


Now here’s the kicker.


By the end of the first 30 days, you’ll have received access to your Everything DiSC 363® Assessment and your complete Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment. You’ll have also created your personal action plan and had the opportunity to experience at least one or two coaching sessions by this point.


Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to make sure this program is a good fit for you BEFORE making a final commitment. 


If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your ability to enhance your leadership skills based on the insights gained from the assessments and initial coaching sessions, simply reach out to us via email within 30 days of your enrollment with the words “Refund Request” in the subject line. We’ll fire back your investment so that you can put it toward another leadership training program instead.



  • Three Months of Executive One-on-One Coaching - $6,000 value
  • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Assessment - $397 value
  • Everything DiSC Workplace® Assessment - $197 value


When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of $6,594



And, because we’re super excited to welcome you into the Untapped beta program, we’re offering the opportunity to enroll today at the special introductory price of just…


$597 /One time payment

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


Grab this deal before it goes away!

We’re only offering a handful of spots at this rock-bottom, discounted price.

  • We will never again offer this coaching program at this price.

  • This offer is only available until the spots are filled OR 10pm CDT on Jan. 29, 2020 

    (whichever comes first)

  • If you’re interested, enroll now! 




    Click the button to enroll and secure your spot.


    Check your email for all the details and specific next steps.


    Click on the link in your email to schedule your first call with Michelle and Jonny.

Who is a good fit for the Untapped beta program?

The ideal candidate for this program is a high achiever who is:

  • Excited about working with an executive coach

    Someone who believes in the value of working one-on-one with a coach is going to get the most out of this program.

  • Someone who takes action

    The open-minded person who is ready to change and grow will get the most out of this program.

  • Flexible and able to go with the flow

    This is the first rollout of this particular executive coaching program and there may be few unforeseen bumps in the road. Pssst....that’s why we’re offering such an amazing deal!

  • Willing to offer candid feedback

    We're looking for the good, the bad...and YES, even the ugly, on your experience with this beta program. We’ll ask you for this input via phone calls and online surveys.  

  • Comfortable providing a testimonial

    Assuming, of course, that you are thrilled with your experience and results from the program, we'll reach out to coordinate a video testimonial or LinkedIn recommendation at the conclusion of the program.  


Being the savvy business leader that you are, we know you probably have a few questions.

If your question is not addressed below, please ask it by sending a DM to Jonny on LinkedIn. 

Will I work with both Michelle AND Jonny?

How much time is required to complete this program?

What types of topics are addressed during the one-on-one coaching sessions?

How is your coaching style different from other coaches?

Why are you offering this program at such a deep discount?

Great question!


First, we recognize that 2020 was a rough year for many. We're offering this program to support high achievers who are ready to change...yet have felt held back by the typical high price tag that comes with working with an executive coach. 


Second, this is the first time we are offering this specific executive coaching program. We want to have an opportunity to work out the kinks with a group of inspired high achievers who are ready to experience a transformation. Because the program might still be a little rough around the edges, we don't think it's fair to charge full price just yet.


The result? A win/win offer. 


Jonny Richard

Certified Executive Coach

Hi, I’m Jonny! I’m an executive coach for high achievers who are looking for better results to reach their goals faster.


Through my coaching and online programs, I’m here to help you uncover your blind spots so you can use these insights to your advantage and work on the things that will move the needle the most — while making it all feel like a fun adventure.


My clients say they appreciate my support, perspective, encouragement and ideas. One person even said, “Talking to Jonny was like talking to an old friend right away.”


When I’m not coaching, you can find me indulging in a bowl of cookie dough ice cream, meditating on my Spoonk mat or binge-watching Billions while enjoying a craft brewed IPA.

Michelle Richard

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Hey there! I'm Michelle, a guide for rising stars who are totally ready to maximize their potential.


Through Cause & Effect's leadership tools and online programs, I’m here to help you tap into your own self-awareness so you can intentionally sculpt your personal brand — while making it all feel like a secret unfair competitive advantage.


And when I’m not training high achievers about Everything DiSC®, you can find me indulging in a cup of cold brew coffee while daydreaming about post-pandemic travel adventures, backpacking with Jonny in the remote wilderness or running football routes in the yard with our 10-year-old son, Axel.

Ready to bring out your BEST in 2021?

Are you ready to say YES to experiencing significant and meaningful change designed to help you reach your goals faster so you can make an even greater impact on your organization?


We help high achievers create intentional personal brands based on self-awareness in each moment so they can lead with greater confidence, create better results and inspire everyone around them to do the same.

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